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Hi, I am so happy that you are here!  

Below you will find the Tutorial Packs that I have created, some are based on live classes that we previously offered, and many are new. When you purchase one you will get instant access to the step-by-step tutorial to walk you through the project at your own pace, along with a complete supply list, a tracer and an SVG cut file (for those that want to use their vinyl cutter).  

I am slowly adding projects to keep the options growing.  If there was something that you wanted to make in the past and you don’t see it on the page now, contact me directly and I will see what I can do about bumping it up in the queue.  I have also added a selection of free mini tutorials to give you an idea of what to expect.

Please try one and let me know how you like it.  



Available Products

Painted Denim Background

Learn to create this denim background and get the 'Let's Stay Home' tracer for free.

How to transfer a stencil using 813

A quick explanation of transferring a vinyl stencil on to your work surface.  813 gets a bad rap, but if you buy from a reputable source it is a pretty great option.

Reverse Canvas the Daisy Way

I know there are many ways to do everything. This is how I do a reverse canvas without pulling out all of the staples. It works for me, and I hope it helps you. 

Snowman/Scarecrow - Kids Art Kit

These reversible mini pallet signs are adorable!

They are two projects in one and your kids will be excited to hang them up for the family to enjoy.

Fuzzy Tailed Bunnies - Kids Art Kit

These sweet bunnies are a fun and easy project.

They are quick to paint and I walk you through every step including making the fuzzy tail.

How To Make Your Own Burlap Flowers

Try out this free tutorial and make your own burlap flowers to use in your decorating.  They look great on a sign, a door hanger, a tiered tray or in a vase.  Where will you put yours?

Clothes Pin Snowflakes

This takes time to dry and a little bit of coordination, smaller hands may need some assistance.   It might be something you can do over a few days during dinner prep. 

Magic Rainbow Cards

Daisy Doodle Magic Rainbow Card Set is fun at any age.   Scratch of any note or design you wish free hand or  use stencils to add to the fun. Write your message on a colored note card and use double  sided tape to attach your rainbow art to the front. Slip your special message into the envelope provided and mail.

How to Apply Daisy's Decals

Decals, easy to apply once you know how.  Check out this quick demo.

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